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grab your claims

cheeky claims
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[one] the sections which you can claim are as followed:
-movie characters
-television characters
-book characters
-singers/band members
-lj users
-random [anything goes]

[two] unlimited claims only apply to the users that are listed below.

frodoxxlives <---- mod

[three] to get unlimited claims, you must do work for this community. you must make at least two or more buttons/banners/stamps for cheekyclaims and get at least five livejournal users to join this community [rules on gaphics at bottom].

[four] for however many livejournal users you promote this community to, you get an additional claim. make sure that the livejournal user that you've reccomended us to writes your username somewhere in their entry [rule on promoting at bottom].

[five] for people who do not get unlimited claims there is a rule of only THREE CLAIMS PER PERSON. if you link back in your profile, you are allowed to have one extra. do not try to claim an extra without linking back because i will check. if you do that, you will go on the wall of shame and i'll have you banned [link back graphics at bottom].

[six] now this is extremely important. before you claim, CHECK THE CLAIMS LIST! there is a link at the top of this page that leads right to it. go and look before you claim.

[seven] i dont want any complaining or fighting over claims. if i find out that you are, i'll have to ban you.

[eight] when you're ready to claim, in the subject box of the entry you must type DOM IS PURE SEX! if you dont, i will know that you havent read the rules the whole way through. therefore, no claims for you.

[nine] after you have typed in the subject line to meet my approval, type in what section you are claiming and put your claim next to it. if you dont, i will completely ignore the claims you wish to have and i'll delete your post.

[ten] if you are claiming a person, you can claim anything about them. their eyes, their feet, their car, their voice, their tshirt, their home, oh hell you can even claim their hip bone, their lungs and their bladder if you really want. i dont care. just as long as no one else has already claimed it.


[one] if you decide to make a button or a banner to promote this community, somewhere on the graphic it must say "grab your claims" AND "cheekyclaims @ LJ"

[two] if you have buttons or banners to send, please send them to starxlightfairy@yahoo.com

[three] please use the graphics below to promote this community and/or link back.